Harland Clarke's systematic business acquisition approach helps you identify opportunities and drive revenue from new and existing account holders.

Trade Area Prospecting
  • Our data analysis will identify companies in your trade area and apply credit risk, life stage and product propensity models to pinpoint prospects for acquisition.

C2B Cross-Selling
  • 8-12% of your consumer account holders likely own a business — or serve as business decision-makers — but don’t have a business relationship with you.
  • We can identify and reach them with targeted communications.

B2B Cross-Selling
  • Our data will tell us which products and services your current business account holders need based on business size, SIC code and other factors.
  • Targeted outreach will encourage them to come to your institution for all of their financial services.

Using a multichannel lead generation strategy, we integrate direct mail, email, web and phone communications to engage account holders and prospects and improve response rates. One of our unique advantages is our call center, staffed with lead generation experts who make direct outbound calls to your prospects, qualify them and set appointments for your branches or small business officers.

Our Data Delivers Deep Insights

Harland Clarke accesses one of the largest databases for information on U.S. businesses, outside the federal government, covering:

  • 35M+ current businesses and 120M historic businesses linked to public, government and private resources
  • 20% more businesses than credit bureaus, mostly small businesses
  • Business loans, money markets, CDs, DDA sweeps, commercial mortgages, credit cards, leasing, retirement/profit sharing and more
  • Credit and risk information by individual business, industry and geographic area

Let us help your financial institution realize untapped revenue
with qualified, sales-ready small business leads.

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